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Perfect underwear-You Can Wear For Weeks

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Perfect underwear-You Can Wear For Weeks-size list is at the bottom

Sale price USD $29.80 Regular price USD $49.80

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Perfect underwear-You Can Wear For Weeks-size list is at the bottom
For man / Black / S
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When it comes to softness and overall comfort, the Fjord is unmatched by any other underwear in the market. Short of underwear made of cashmere or vicuna wool, your new Perfect underwear might be the most comfortable underwear that has ever grazed your privates. 
Whether you're planning on going for an all-day hike, weekend camping trips, or even just going to the gym and then the bar after to grab drinks with friends; your Perfect underwear will keep you smelling good. You won't have to worry about your underwear killing the vibe.
Your usual underwear is a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria; thankfully, the Fjord is unusual. Your Perfect underwear is self-cleaning, so it will continuously destroy all odor-causing bacteria. This benefit means you could wear the underwear all day and let it air out at night, and when you pick it up the next day, it'll smell as fresh as unworn underwear.
Within a few minutes of putting on normal underwear, it grows thousands of bacteria colonies which can causes bad smell, infections, and fungus like jock itch. Well, the Perfect underwear will fight bacteria so you don't have to worry about gross bacteria growing on your underwear or the skin it touches.
What's better than the breeze that comes from going without wearing any underwear? The Fjord is the closest thing to going commando while still wearing underwear. Remember the last time you did some intense activities and your underwear became hot and uncomfortable? Well, we designed the Perfect underwear so it's incredibly breathable and cool to the touch, so you can wear it to the gym, work, and hiking without getting uncomfortable. 

Now, let me answer your doubtsThe material we use is the answer---HercFiber

Our material is what makes our clothing so unique. A few years ago, we realized that there are dozens of materials that clothing can be created with like linen, microfiber, and much more, but we tested all of these and they were not able to be worn for more than a day without getting smelly. This motivated us to try out a few other less popular but more natural material and that's what lead us to create our material called HercFiber. HercFiber took us almost three years to develop and it's created with a blend of beechwood, eucalyptus, bamboo, silver, and/or copper fiber in unique amounts depending on the article of  clothing and the desired color. we blended together beechwood and copper, and for the Perfect underwear we're using beechwood blended with copper again but in different amounts to make the underwear more absorbent and anti-smell while still being durable and soft. 

Thanks to our unique HercFiber, the Fjord, is the world's cleanest underwear, and it is also:

The world's most eco-friendly underwear: less production, washing, and landfill pollution.
The world's most time-saving underwear: less time doing laundry and underwear shopping.
The world's most stress-free underwear: less smell and travel packing worries.
The world's most cost-effective underwear: less money spent on new underwear and laundry.

Underwear that you could wear for days, weeks, or even months without getting smelly



This underwear is perfect for doctors, firefighters, parents, campersentrepreneursnurses, hikers, truckers, and dozens of people whose lives can get wild at times.
The underwear is perfect for:
  • The nurse who works doubles all the time and doesn't want to worry that they don't smell good while working hard to take care of their patients.
  • The camper who is packing for a weekend get away trip, and doesn't want to break their back with unnecessary amounts of clothes while carrying all their gear.
  • The student who has a final to study for and have to spend endless hours in club-lib studying so they don't fail their classes.
  • The gamer who has put their heart and soul into gaming for days to get to the final boss and doesn't want their hygiene to get in the way of their ultimate victory.
  • The entrepreneur who spends hundreds of hours in their office striving to change the world and doesn't want to smell bad while doing it.
  • The firefighter who has to work throughout the night to stop a forest fire from spreading and burning down more of our beautiful planet.
Long story short, the Perfect underwear is perfect for people who live an intense life and want their underwear to be able to keep up.

Perfect underwear-You Can Wear For Weeks-size list is at the bottom

Sale price USD $29.80 Regular price USD $49.80